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Basic rule

The basic rule of the server is:
Do onto others as you wish to be done to you.

Current rules in more detail

1) Stealing from other players is forbidden.
2) Grief killing of other players is forbidden.
-this means that going around slaugtering others is forbidden
-attacking someone much higher or lower level is forbidden unless both parties agree.
(on reasonably close levels it is allowed for a Rp reason- and being a Crazy Killer is NOT a rp reason)
-pulling monsters from highlevel areas to low level areas and leaving them there is forbidden.

Minor points of etiquette

Do not ask for handouts. Earn the things yourself.
Do not repeatedly yell about something. Shout is allowed for announcements and such but shout spamming is not.
Specially do not repetedly yell in ooc
Do not “kill steal”
Do not steal others loot
DM's do not give refunds or rewards for any lost items/gold/whatever.
Any complaints about the module should go to the admin by Personal message, email or in the appropriate forums . Not shouted out.

Other Things

Respawning is free until level 4.
Any exploitation of bugs to get extra attacks/powers/ and any ways to do item duplications and such is forbidden.
Evil Characters do not really fit in well, so if you wish to play such read about them.

Rules About Dyes And Crafting

On guild Items

1. Changing guild items in any way is forbidden, and your rank can be stripped if you do so.
2. Crafting should not work, if it does, post bug (but you shoudn't notice as it's forbidden).
3. Using dyes on guild items is not prevented by game mechanics, therefore don't even try, else rule 1 applies.

Non guild items

No restrictions, crafting and dyeing at will allowed

Questions, comments etc

To either the forums or to: weby(at)
Please put Cerea are the first word in subject.

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