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The entries below are being added and at the same time updated from the Cerea1 information.

You can still read the old ones in: cerea1 wiki but some of those are outdated.



Geopraphical information sorted by areas, a list of notable Cities and other Places of Interest

Maps of the world

People and Organisations

Important NPCs and Organisations

Races of Myaasia and their Languages

Seekers, Guardians and Elementalists

Flora and Fauna

Astrology and Cosmology

The five moons of Myaasia

Other Planes and cosmology along with Demons and extraplanars

Stories and Legends

Chronicles of Destruction - An account of the happenings during the Unlife Wars
The Destruction of Cerea - Events on Derimir during the Period of Destruction
Holy Books - A collection of the Holy Books of various churches

Laws and customs

Note that each area and town will likely have their own laws and rules.

Below are some of those:
Vesper law enforcement

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