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Hidden from the view of most members of this forum there is another set of message boards and wiki pages.

This is the Builders' Section.

It is intended for those that regularly build content for Cerea and need access to information and help, and on occaisions items that already exist in the world.

If you wish to join this select group of people, then your point of contact will be Weby. You should send him a PM and tell him why you should be allowed to join the builders group.

Since the builders' area provides a lot of insight into the inner workings of the server it is an area easily open to abuse, so don't be suprised if we are reluctant to just let anyone join.

If you wish to apply, make sure that you know the server rules, have a basic understanding of the history and style of this world and a good working knowledge of most of the areas of this world. You will also need some plan of what you are going to build and how it will fit into the world.

Additionally… please don't bother applying until you have played on Cerea for a few weeks at least and are known to the DMs. We need to trust you, and the surest way of establishing that trust is giving us the chance to get to know you.

A final note. If you have a fantastic idea and want it added to the world, you don't need to be a member of the builders forum. Just have a talk with weby or the other Builders (Kivinen, and Clueless are the two other major builders at the moment) and see what they say.

You could of course always build it anyway and submit it, we are always looking for more content, especially if it fits well into the world.

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